Yifan Zhou



Address: Academic Block North Nanyang Technological University 61 Nanyang Dr, Singapore 637335

Work Email: yifan.zhou@ntu.edu.sg

Personal Email: yifanzhou1107@gmail.com


Sept 2017 – Jun 2021, Computer Science & Technology, School of Computer Science & Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology, China, GPA: 3.7/4.0 (88/100)


Programming Contests

ACM-ICPC: 1 Gold Medal, 5 Sliver Medal

CCPC(China Collegiate Programming Contest): 2 Sliver Medal




Algorithm Engineer @ Shanghai AI Lab (Jul 2021 - Feb 2022)

  • Core developer and maintainer of MMDeploy, an open source deep learning model deployment library.

Research Engineer @ NTU S-Lab (Mar 2022 - Present)



Text Mining in Education (Sep 2020 - present)

Advisor: Prof. Janet K. Allen, Farrokh Mistree, The University of Oklahoma, US

  • Aim to create a self-tutoring system which offers suggestions to students based on their input learning statements(a learning statement is a formatted triple(experience, learning, value)). The self-tutoring system calculates the semantic similarity between input learning statement and learning statements in database by using SBERT and gets results based on similarity.
  • I proposed the idea and developed the program. I learned how to generate ideas that benefit others, implement the ideas through research and show my results to other researchers.
  • The abstract of paper has been accepted by ASEE.

Incident Radiance Field Reconstruction Using Machine Learning (Apr 2020 -Aug 2020)

Advisor: Prof. Lei Zhang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

  • Based on a recent well-performed method, the research aims to improve the performance of two neural networks which adaptively reconstruct and sample the radiance of a scene to guide path tracing.

  • I was responsible to reproduce the paper and propose new ideas. I learned how to search related papers in a specific area and read papers.


Undergraduate Capstone: Efficient Gradient-domain Image Seamless Blending (Mar 2021 - Jun 2021)

blog link: https://zhouyifan.net/2021/05/10/20210322-PoissonImgaeEditImplementation/

github link: https://github.com/SingleZombie/Gradient-Domain-Image-Processing-Cpp

Image Segmentation using Superpixels(Jan 2020)

blog link: https://zhouyifan.net/2020/02/01/DIP-image-segmentation-project-2/

github link: https://github.com/SingleZombie/SLICAP-image-segmentation-cpp

Effective Sudoku Solver (Jan 2020)

blog link: https://zhouyifan.net/2019/12/23/Software-Engineering-Project/

github link: https://github.com/SingleZombie/sudoku-solver

Chinese Spelling Checker(Dec 2019)

blog link: https://zhouyifan.net/2020/02/09/Chinese-Spelling-Checker/

github link: https://github.com/SingleZombie/Simple-Chinese-Spelling-Checker

Ray tracing running on CPU(Aug 2019)

blog link: https://zhouyifan.net/2020/02/08/Cpp-Ray-Tracing-running-on-CPU/

github link: https://github.com/SingleZombie/Ray-Tracing-OpenGL


Computer Skills

  • Rich experience in C++ programming(since 2014). Familiar with C++ STL, OpenGL, OpenCV, cocos2dx.
  • Have accomplished projects using java, python.
  • Learn and implement efficient algorithm quickly and correctly.
  • Able to create animation by Flash and modify video by PR.


  • Game Design. I think I’m a creative game designer though I haven’t any work now.
  • Psychology. I want to know more about how people think and feel.
  • Direct visual artwork. Such as animation, video.